August 10, 2023

Important Steps You Can Take Right Now to Protect Your Child Online - Plus, a critical "first day photos" reminder!

As we approach the final days of summer and the return of students back to school, there's no better time than now to make sure your children are protected on their digital devices. 

By incorporating a few proactive, practical steps, you can help to better protect them from exposure to unwanted images, online predators, cyberbullies and other dangers -- whether on their phones, tablets, laptops or gaming systems. 

Use Rules 'N Tools®  with each of your children on all devices they use. Implementing “Rules”(non-technical measures) in addition to the "Tools" (technical measures) will help you become a better cyber-savvy parent. We've listed out a few key points on each below:


  • Establish an ongoing dialogue and keep lines of communication open. 
  • Supervise use of all internet-enabled devices.
  • Know your child’s online activities and friends. 
  • Regularly check the online communities your children use, such as social networking and gaming sites, to see what information they are posting. 
  • Supervise the photos and videos your kids post and send online.
  • Instruct your children to avoid meeting face-to-face with someone they only know online or through their mobile device. 


Use Parental Controls on all internet-enabled devices including smartphones, computers, tablets and gaming systems. Most parental controls allow a parent to set different levels of controls for children of varying ages which will provide effective layers of protection. Turn on parental controls to:

  • Set filters to block inappropriate content, including pornography.
  • Set monitoring/accountability tools to track apps usage, website visits, e-mails, messaging and other internet activities. Monitoring also provides detailed reports on the child’s online activities.
  • Set time limits.
  • Block inappropriate apps or games.
  • Set up parent-approved buddy and gamer lists to limit who your child can communicate with.

Parents & Grandparents: Think Twice Before Sending "First Day" Photos

A friendly reminder for parents and grandparents to think about the content they are sharing about their loved one before they post. 

While well intentioned, sharing details such as a child's name, grade, school, teacher's name, or other personally identifiable information including height/weight or favorite activities can lead a predator or trafficker right to a child! It can also expose them to cybersecurity risks including identity theft, scammers or privacy invasions.

Instead, celebrate your child's important milestone's by keeping information as generic as possible, and be mindful of other images that may be featured in "first day" photos that may give away a child's location (ex. home address, school name/mascot). Sharing less is more in keeping your child safer online!

No parent ever believes that his or her child will be the target of internet predators, traffickers, cyberbullies, or other criminals who are preying on children. But the reality is sobering and the statistics frightening.

Enough Is Enough® is working every day to protect your children!

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You can make a difference in the lives of children right now.