June 17, 2022

Warning! Is Your Child Sharing too much info online?

Did you know that internet predators can judge by the appearance of a profile or by the behavior that a child is exhibiting online whether he or she might be a prime target for sexual grooming and exploitation?

Children, teens and adolescents who don't use privacy settings on social networking and gaming sites often post personal information - including their deepest desires, likes and dislikes, real-time moods, pictures, videos, addresses, and phone numbers - for anyone to see.

That's why it's important to use privacy settings on all social media and gaming platforms as well as their mobile devices.

Depending on the platform, these settings help control privacy-related issues such as:

  • Account privacy (who can see your child's profile, posts, photos and videos)

  • Who is able to view contact information

  • The ability to view your child's "friends" list

  • Who can 'tag' or mention your child

  • The audience your child chooses to share information with

  • Who your child can communicate with (ex. can only communicate with friends)

  • Activity status (when turned off, latest 'active' status is hidden)

Teach your children to block anyone they don't know in the physical world as its impossible to detect a disguised predator. If you feel you and/or someone you know are in danger, contact law enforcement immediately.

Remember, privacy settings only work if they are set to begin with, so please do not overlook this critical step! Please visit Social Media 101 and Gaming 101 for additional support.

Finally, remember that throughout Internet Safety Month, we'll be sharing new safety tips to help keep your children safer on the internet. Find these in our online newsletters and on EIE social media! Be sure to follow EIE if you haven't already!

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