October 11, 2017

Are You Protected?

Dear Friends,

Now, more than ever, it is important to protect yourself and your digital devices from cyber attacks. No matter what our age, we all need to do our best to stay a step ahead to avoid scams, protect our identity and secure our computers. Individuals and businesses are being targeted every second of the day, and it's critical to do all we can to keep our private information safe.

October marks Cyber Security Awareness Month. This is a great time to remember to implement simple security measures. Please, take a few minutes and visit our Cyber Security section which offers tools and resources to protect you from phishing scams and identity theft, as well as ways to combat cybercrime. Plus, follow us on social media all month to find cyber security tips and resources. 

Tips to protect passwords

Please, take 30 seconds now to view a few helpful tips for protecting your passwords! Just one simple, easy thing you can do this #CyberSecurityAwarenessMonth!

October also marks Bullying Prevention Awareness Month. One in five kids have been victims of cyberstalking or cyberbullying, which research shows can lead to devastating effects of such as anxiety, depression, avoidance, and a loss of self esteem. The Internet allows cyberbullies to remain virtually anonymous as they often employ multiple tacticsagainst those they seek to victimize. Know the signs of cyberbullying, and encourage your children to talk to you should anyone do anything online to make them feel threatened or uncomfortable. EIE has a great number of resources here to help.

As always, EIE is here to help provide you the tools and resources you need to help keep your family safe on the Internet. 

President & CEO

Enough Is Enough®