April 1, 2024

Entertainment Industry Headlines Filled with Allegations of Child Abuse

Dear Friend,

Recent news headlines have been filled with allegations of sex abuse within the entertainment industry. 

Last week, federal agents raided properties owned by hip hop mogul Sean "Diddy" Combs as part of a federal inquiry into sex trafficking allegations, which came months after a series of lawsuits that accused Combs of sexual assault. Additionally, in a tell-all documentary, former child actors allege claims of racism and bullying workplaces to accounts of alleged sexual assault on the sets of classic Nickelodeon children's TV shows. Like so many others, we at Enough is Enough are horrified by these emerging headlines. Our thoughts and prayers are with any victims embroiled in these recent scandals.

In today’s world, parents and grandparents all too often turn their children to television shows, video games, music and other forms of entertainment as a form of distraction when needed. Through these media, children are constantly exposed to sexually explicit material, becoming more desensitized and more vulnerable to the dangers of sexual exploitation. Unknowingly, children can become encircled in a continuous cycle of abuse. As exposure becomes more intense and the images more graphic, the potential for the child to be exploited through child sexual abuse images, pornography, trafficking, or other forms of sexual exploitation becomes very real. 


According to the Center for Disease Control: 

  • Someone known and trusted by the child or child’s family members perpetrates 91% of child sexual abuse

  • About 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 20 boys in the United States experience child sexual abuse

The evil our children are exposed to does not exist in a vacuum; it does not only exist in Hollywood; and certainly, it does not only happen to someone else’s child. The reality is sexual predators can be anyone and anywhere, and they are seeking out our children. They exist in every corner of this country, and come from all walks of life, socio-economic backgrounds, education levels, and professions. It is critical to understand the dangers children face every day, in person and online. Educate yourself, your children and grandchildren not only of the dangers of sexual predation, but also common-sense preventative measures to help them avoid falling victim to those seeking to harm them. 


We have an obligation to expose this evil in our culture. Discussing healthy and unhealthy sexual behavior with children can be difficult, and even uncomfortable, but it is imperative parents have ongoing, open and honest conversations with their children. Know the warning signs, what motivates a predator, how they think, how they interact with children and how to keep your children safe. We at Enough is Enough join you in this fight and want to arm you with the tools you need to keep your children safe.


Learn how to protect your children from sexual exploitation and how to talk to your children by visiting internetsafety101.org.   

April marks National Child Abuse Prevention Month. EIE relies on the faithful gifts of our supporters to further our work to protect children online. Learn more about the many ways you can give by visiting us at Enough.org/donate.

Our children depend on us to educate them and protect them. Together, let's work to protect the innocence and dignity, and safety.

Donna and the Enough Is Enough® team