June 27, 2019

Teen Vogue, are you seriously saying this to your teen readers?

 Teen Vogue Crosses the Line Once Again

Dear Friends,

Teen Vogue is at it again glorifying sexually exploitative practices to its teen and tween readers, and they don't seem to be backing down. Last year, we told you about their graphic "how to" manual on "safe anal sex." 

More recently, they published an article "Why Sex Work Is Real Work," (4/28) to its young readers of mostly 12-17 year old girls. The article, which cites reasons for legalized prostitution, fails to mention associated health risks or the risk factors that often lead girls into sex work (may come from broken homes, are homeless, victims of prior sex abuse, or are victims of sex trafficking). Even though the article was publicly blasted when it first released in April, Teen Vogue promoted it once again last week on social media. Teen Vogue, stop targeting our kids! Hands off! 

June is Internet Safety Month!

Here's a brief video to enjoy (and share!) to keep your kids safe online. Think "SUMMER."


Friends, there's a lot out there that threatens the safety and innocence of our children, and we're working around the clock to prevent the exploitatioin of children in the digital world. We cannot do it without you and need your financial support to fuel Enough Is Enough®'s campaigns and initiatives designed to make the Internet safer for families and children! We depend on you to keep us going! Thank you in advance for partnering with us.

Have a great and cyber-safe summer!


President & CEO 

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