April 21, 2017

CNN Op-Ed on Melania Trump strikes a nerve

My CNN Op-Ed Viewed by 1 Million-Plus in Less Than 24 Hours

Dear Friends,

In case you missed it, I recently wrote the an Op-Ed published by CNN.com that ran under the headline "Cruel attacks on Melania Trump obscure her positive role". It has been evident with the lingering hostility following the presidential election that cruel and unwarranted attacks have been aimed at the First Lady and her son. As a result, she has become a victim to the very cause she pledged to combat as her platform issue -- cyberbullying.

Within 24 hours of this being published on CNN.com, there were more than 1 million views and 800 comments to the posting.  Here are just a few excerpts from my editorial that I'd like to share with you:

"...despite the barrage of insults attacking her, including the New York Times reporter who referred to her as a hooker and the ex-boxer who called her a golddigger, the first lady continues to demonstrate grace, kindness and patience."

"Her personal experience with this onslaught of ugliness gives her a unique vantage point, allowing her to speak with both empathy and authority on issues of bullying and social media cruelty. And often the best advocates for any cause are those who have experienced firsthand the social evils they seek to combat."

"Given the scope of the issue, Melania has and should continue to find common ground. Liberals and conservatives share many core values, including a belief in the importance of family and a willingness to fight to protect their children. Since April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month (as President Trump declared just last week), now is the time to encourage all Americans to put aside their differences and put their children first."

As my article goes on to say, as we teach our children to follow the Golden Rule, we need to model positive behaviors ourselves. Furthermore, when it comes to cyberbullying, it is a matter of the heart and of personal choice, and we need to choose the high road over low blows.

I encourage you read the full article here, continue this most important dialogue in the CNN comment section, and work to bring unity in your family, community, and our nation. Will you join me and EIE in focusing on what unites us? It will take all of us working together to make the Internet safer for children and families and to make America safe again. 

For the Sake of the Children,