September 8, 2019

Donna RICE HUGHES APPEARS Monday on Good Morning America's Internet Gaming Segment

Check Out EIE President Donna Rice Hughes on Good Morning America, Monday, Sept. 9 as she Discusses Predators' Access to Kids on Popular Gaming Sites

Enough Is Enough® (EIE) President Donna Rice Hughes recently sat down with Good Morning America (GMA) to address dangers and safety concerns on some of the most popular online gaming sites used by kids, including Fortnite. Be sure to tune into this segment, scheduled to air on Monday, Sept. 9 to learn why internet games might put your kids at risk for coming in contact with a dangerous predator, and what you can do to keep them safe. (Note: Segment is scheduled to air during 8 am - 9 am hour pending no breaking news bumps the story.)

Also, be sure to visit Online Gaming 101 on our Internet Safety 101® website to find gaming tips for parents and kids, as well as additional resources and practical support including setting parental controls for online games.

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