February 13, 2024

Create a kinder online world today! Send a #SweetTweet and share the love!


Valentine's Day is upon us! 

Whether or not you are celebrating this day with a significant other, we all have someone with whom we can reach out to share loving words, encouragement, or offer a random act of kindness.

Today, consider creating a "Sweet Tweet" to post and share on social media. Generate a customized post or share one created for you to show kindness and civility in a digital world rampant with hate, division, cyberbullying and sexual exploitation

A culture of human dignity and respect includes building bridges of peace and reconciliation for the sake of our children.

Will you join us in spreading love today and all throughout the year?

Please share this post and then visit our Random Posts of Kindness page here to create your own positive message to pass along to others. 

#ValentinesDay #SweetTweets #RandomPostsofKindness

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Combat Cyberbullying with an Online Epidemic of Kindness

Nearly half (46%) of teens age 13-17 have been bullied or harassed online, with physical appearance being seen as a relatively common reason why.

(Pew Research, December 2022)

EIE's "Cyberbullying 101" Quick Guide for Parents and Educators is available for free download here!