October 19, 2020

Netflix profits off of exploiting children - Please Help Us Stop Them!

It's Clear Netflix and "Cuties" Producers Do NOT Understand Child Pornography Laws 


Enough Is Enough® (EIE) is continuing our frontline efforts to hold Netflix and the "Cuties" film producers accountable for sexualizing and sexually exploiting children in the name of dollar signs and entertainment. Netflix and the film's producers clearly do not understand the gravity of their actions, nor the reality of both federal and state child pornography laws! Instead, they continue to claim their film is nothing more than a "social commentary."

Last week, EIE joined forces with the Parents Television Council (PTC) and issued a joint letter calling on Attorney General William Barr to investigate the film on child pornography violations, noting other Netflix programs such as Desire; Sex Education, and Big Mouth, that demonstrate "a broader, consistent pattern of Netflix sexualizing children”. Netflix was recently handed an indictment by a grand jury in Tyler County, Texas, for the “promotion of lewd visual material depicting (a) child” in Cuties. 

The film contains numerous sexually exploitative scenes, including scenes of tween girls performing highly eroticized dance routines. Additionally, the main character is depicted pulling her pants and underpants down to photograph her genitals, which she then posts online. A later scene depicts her disrobing in an attempt to seduce an adult man (who is a family member). 

Each day this film is made available internationally is one day too many.

We rely on your most generous tax-deductible gift to defend the dignity and innocence of our children, including putting an end to programs like "Cuties," and holding mainstream corporate America accountable for their failure to abide by a "zero tolerance" policy of child pornograghy.

As always, our heartfelt thanks for your support,

Donna Rice Hughes and the Team at Enough Is Enough®

P.S. -- If you haven't already done so, please sign our petition here and join over 20,000 petition signors asking DOJ to investigate "Cuties" and for Netflix to remove the film.

EIE In the News - "Cuties" Coverage

“At a time in America in which the sexual exploitation of children in the digital world has escalated exponentially during COVID and virtual learning, 'Cuties' is only throwing gasoline on the fire by giving dangerous permission-giving beliefs to young girls that sexting, dancing provocatively and seducing adult men is desirable, acceptable and safe." 

--Donna Rice Hughes