October 12, 2021

Parents: Listen to Donna's interview on protecting kids from online depravity

Dear Friend,

Pornography has become a scourge in the United States.

On Discovery Institute's "Humanize" podcast, Wesley J. Smith speaks with Donna Rice Hughes, CEO of Enough Is Enough®.

They have a mature discussion about one of the great affronts to human dignity, which is pornography. Donna shares the impact porn has on children—both as victims of child pornographers and as consumers of adult obscenity that they access on the Internet.

She describes how pornography is a major cause of social dislocation, that often fuels abuse, rape, and a breakdown in healthy sexual relationships. Donna discuss how the obscenity industry is a major driver of human trafficking and how “free” online internet sites lure people into viewing ever more dark and violent images.

Donna describes ways to keep children safe from pornography and other risks on the Internet, warns against the pornification of popular culture, and offers compassionate advice about how those who are addicted to pornography can escape their bondage. This is a must-hear program about a too little discussed cause of familial breakdown and cultural dysfunction.


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