August 4, 2022

Not a matter of IF, but WHEN your child is exposed to this.
Will you be prepared?

Parents everywhere are concerned about exposure to content their children can easily access from their smart phones, laptops, notebooks and gaming systems.

In fact, the multi-billion pornography industry engages deliberate marketing tactics to ensure its content is easily accessible and available through innocent word searches, free teasers images, cartoon characters, and other deceptive methods.

Internet pornography has become one of the biggest threats to our children's online safety, as exposure to graphic, deviant content -- most of which today's mainstream pornography embodies -- can severely impact the emotional and mental health of children and youth.

It can be uncomfortable for parents to discuss and respond to a child's exposure to internet pornography and learning about its prevalence and dangers can feel overwhelming. That is why we created the Internet Pornography 101: A Quick Guide for Parents and Educators. Please take a few minutes to review this essential information.

It is important to have age-appropriate discussions with your children about their internet use. As our friends in the fight often say, it's not a matter of IF, but WHEN your child is exposed to pornography.

Recently, Enough Is Enough® President and CEO Donna Rice Hughes appeared on the Newsmax TV program America Right Now on a segment dedicated to America's Porn Crisis: 

This addiction is hurting the mental health of Americans | Donna Rice Hughes | 'America Right Now'
"Porn Is the Norm"

We at Enough Is Enough® want parents to be empowered and equipped with the necessary information and tools to help prevent exposure to pornography, but to also be prepared to respond when children are exposed to unwanted content.

Remember, the Pornography 101 Quick Guide is a condensed version of an entire section dedicated to the topic that can be found at Pornography 101.

We have more exciting news to share in the coming weeks, so please stay tuned! If you'd like to Fund The Fight to help EIE continue to offer additional internet safety topics, we'd certainly appreciate your support!

Thanks for always being such a great ally!

The team at Enough Is Enough®,
Your Internet Safety Experts