December 18, 2018

Did you hear what starbucks did?

Donate all throughout December to help defend dignity and safety of children in the digital world. 

Enough Is Enough® needs to raise $120,000 to sustain four key campaigns that will have national impact in protecting YOUR children, grandchildren, and those you love from sexual exploitation online. 

"Starbucks Broken Promise"

$30,000 will support our ongoing SAFE WiFi Campaign which includes calling out Starbucks for breaking its promise in 2016 to filter pornography and illegal child porn from its public WiFi to protect America’s kids on their WiFi like they do in other nations. Last month, we turned up the pressure with a media and petition campaign that was featured in Business Insider, Fortune, Forbes, FOX, CNN, NBC and many others, which resulted in a new promise by Starbucks to begin filtering WiFi in 2019. Will you help us hold them accountable to their recent pledge? Apparently paper straws are more important to Starbucks than our children and families. To date, we have more than 27,000 petitions being sent to Starbucks’ CEO. #SafeWiFi

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Additionally, EIE called on officials at the University of Notre Dame to heed the call of students demanding the University filter its public WiFi from pornographic content. These brave students understand the harms of extreme online porn which fuels addiction, the objectification of women and the growing concern of sexual violence on college campuses. (One in five women and one in 16 men are sexually assaulted while attending college.)

By implementing a filtered WiFi solution, the University of Notre Dame can stand as a leader for other colleges and universities to ensure the safety of its students, faculty and others. #NoPornOnCampusWiFi

Sign Our Petition to Notre Dame Officials!

4 Reasons We Need SAFE WiFi:

  1. Prevent children, teens, students, patrons and others from being exposed to porn and child porn when using WiFi services
  2. Prevent children and teens from easily bypassing filters and other parental control tools set up by their parents
  3. Prevent sexual predators from accessing illegal child pornography and flying under the radar of law enforcement 
  4. Avoid a potentially hostile school or work environment for students and employees

How will you choose to become a DEFENDER OF CHILD DIGNITY in the DIGITAL WORLD? We have 4 campaigns that need your support … Choose One or Choose All

Donate to prevent explicit sexual content being available to teens.  

Donate to hold Starbucks to their recent promise to filter and encourage corporate America to provide SAFE WiFi 

Donate to continue the High Road campaign of online kindness.

Donate to support EIE's Presidential Pledge to prevent the sexual exploitation of children online

Friends, having filtered WiFi in places where children and families frequent often is a MUST. As EIE is 100 percent donor funded, we count on every dollar to carry out our efforts. Won't you please make your most generous gift today?

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