September 29, 2022

Hot off the Press! Introducing Internet Safety 101® Quick Guides for Parents and Educators

Dear Friend,

Enough Is Enough® (EIE) is thrilled to unveil Internet Safety 101® Quick Guides for Parents & Educators!!

Now, at a glance, you can find prevention and safety information related to key internet safety topics. Quick Guides are now available to include:

  • Pornography 101

  • Internet Predators & Sex Traffickers 101

  • Mobile & Wireless 101

  • Cyberbullying 101

  • Online Gaming 101

  • Social Media 101

Click on the image below to view this downloadable content! The guides are also accessible from the Internet Safety 101® homepage where you can find dedicated sections containing more information, resources and videos devoted to each online danger issue!

You can also play a role in helping to protect kids on the internet simply by sharing this information with your friends, family and your child's educators using the social links below, or by forwarding this e-mail!

EIE's fiscal year ends September 30, and we would be most grateful for your financial support at this juncture.

Your support helps EIE to educate parents and caregivers with critical internet safety information, enables us to advocate for strong policy designed to prevent the online sexual exploitation of children, and advocate for greater corporate responsibility.

Together, we can create a better digital world through prevention, education and increased enforcement of our nation's laws.

For the sake of the children and families,

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Donna Rice Hughes
President and CEO
Enough Is Enough®