September 5, 2023

EIE's Summer Roundup - See All We've Accomplished to Protect Children on the Internet!

Throughout the summer, Enough Is Enough® (EIE) remained steadfast in its efforts to educate the public, encourage corporations to implement effective online safety measures for children, and advocate for strong and effective policies. Here are just a few of EIE's recent highlights:

Public Awareness & Education

EIE In the News

June 15, 2023

Donna Rice Hughes' Op-Ed: "Treat Big Tech Like Big Tobacco to Protect Our Kids"

EIE's President and CEO penned a response regarding the recent Surgeon General advisory noting social media presents a "profound risk of harm to kids."


August 7, 2023 

During a 2-part "License to Parent" interview with Trace Embry, Donna shared how Enough Is Enough®'s pioneering efforts have helped to make the internet safer for children and families for over three decades.

Part I

Part II

August 10, 2023

KCEN Texas News: Kathy Hatem, EIE's Director of Communications, providedtips for mindfully using social mediawhen making back-to-school posts.

August 18, 2023

USA Today (digital)

?Donna provided tips for safely posting back-to-school social media content. "We have the best of intentions, but not everybody who sees these pictures and these posts and these videos will have the best of intention, so we've got to really guard against the bad actors online.”


Educating and Empowering the Public

July 24, 2023

Webinar: Sex Trafficking in the U.S.

More than 1,000 registrants joined EIE's Donna Rice Hughes and Bill Woolf, along with Deb Kraulidis, VP of Moms for America, for a live webinar addressing ways predators and traffickers use the internet to groom and target children, the link between pornography, child sexual abuse material and child sex trafficking, and ways to protect others from this crime.

Listen here.

July 30, 2023

Webinar: Child Sex Trafficking and the Internet 

Nearly 1,000 viewers listened in as EIE's Donna Rice Hughes and Bill Woolf, along with host Jim Garlow of Well Versed (World Prayer Network), responded to the movie "Sound of Freedom." They educated, empowered and equipped the faith community with ways to combat child sex trafficking and the online sexual exploitation of children.

Listen here.

July 27, 2023

CPAC Sound of Freedom Awareness Event

The blockbuster film, Sound of Freedom, shows the incredibly devastating and preventable issue of child sex trafficking. Donna attended this event to help increase the visibility of this important issue.

Listen here.

Educational Awareness Campaigns

(featured in EIE Communications and Social Media)

June: Internet Safety Month

July: Summer Safety Tips 

August: Summer Safety & Return to School 

Advocating for Greater Corporate Responsibility

The National Safe WiFiSM Initiative

EIE's Donna Rice Hughes and Jeannine Lahey attended the American Hotel and Lodging Association Foundation's "No Room for Trafficking" summit in July. 

They spoke with industry leaders and public & private sector partners including G6 Hospitality, Cisco, NCMEC and Marriott International. In early 2023, Marriott deployed technology that has blocked more than 200,000 attempts to access CSAM since launch. 

EIE continues to help advance Safe WiFiSM by encouraging hotels to filter pornography and child sexual abuse material from publicly accessible Wifi networks. 

Advancing Public Policy and the Rule of Law

August 28-29

Attorney General Jason Miyares Human Trafficking Call to Action Summitt (Richmond, VA)

EIE's Kathy Hatem and Bill Woolf attended the summit which brought together anti-human trafficking nonprofit leaders, survivors, and bipartisan government leaders from across Virginia to discuss new solutions to combat human trafficking. They also participated in a Human Trafficking Roundtable hosted by the Virginia Secretary of Homeland Security and Public Safety.

Pictured: Virginia Attorney General Jason Miyares

Pictured: Virginia Governor Glen Youngkin and Kathy Hatem discuss EIE's efforts to educate the public about the online exploitation of children.

Pictured: EIE's Kathy Hatem and Bill Woolf

EIE met with elected officials or their staff and participated in advocacy opportunities for key policy and child protective measures on the internet. 

Testimonies, Hearings and Congressional Support

  • Supported multiple coalition efforts in coordination with like-minded NGO's to advocate for key legislation protecting children online(Kids Online Safety Act, EARN It Act, COPPA 2.0, Stop CSAM, Report Act, Project Safe Childhood Reauthorization). 
  • Supported the FTC's proposed changes to its privacy order with Meta
  • Support for California SB60, which holds social media platforms liable for utilizing platform designs, algorithms or features that cause child users to inflict harm on themselves or others; develop an eating disorder; or experience addiction to the platform.  
  • EIE joined allies in requesting the FTC investigate YouTube and Google for using targeted ads on children's videos.
  • Supported coalition efforts to request Apple deliver on its original commitment to detecting child sexual abuse images and videos more robustly on its platform.
  • Sent Senator Markey’s office a proposal to reauthorize and modernize the National Telecommunications and Information Administration and create internet safety grants programs.
  • Met with office of Rep. Hal Rogers, (RKY-5) to discuss DOJ accountabilityby including appropriations language in this year's budget to fund dedicated prosecutors to focus solely on obscenity prosecutions.
  • Met with Senator Rand Paul’s office (R-KY) to “rein in Big Tech” and discuss a Safe Wifi initiative.
  • Met with Senator Marsha Blackburn’s office to discuss the Kids Online Safety Act.
  • Sent statement in support of the Digital Consumer Protection Commission Act to combat the internet exploitation of children which was introduced by Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA). 

Enough Is Enough® relies on heroes like you to advance our mission to make the internet safer for children and families. Please, consider a monthly gift and know that each time you give, you are helping EIE to better ensure the safety, dignity and innocence of our children in the digital world.