November 10, 2016

Enough Is Enough® Congratulates President-Elect Donald J. Trump

WASHINGTON, DC— Donna Rice Hughes, CEO/President of Enough Is Enough®® (EIE), whose mission is making the Internet safer for children and families, congratulates Donald J. Trump on winning the Presidency.  Mr. Trump enthusiastically signed The Children's Internet Safety Presidential Pledge in July, prior to the GOP convention. EIE is a non-partisan, non-profit organization and does not endorse or oppose candidates for office.

"Mr. Trump's  leadership to uphold the rule of law by  signing of the Children's Internet Safety Presidential Pledge is historic and represents the first time in history a candidate has signed a pledge during the election process to defend the innocence and dignity of America's children by promising to  enforce the existing federal laws and advancing public policies designed to  prevent the sexual exploitation of children online" said Mrs. Hughes, a leading Internet safety pioneer, author, speaker, and Emmy-winning filmmaker. "Making the Internet safer for children and families is a critical step in making America safe again."

"Internet safety is now the 4th ranked health issue for U.S. children and is a bi-partisan unifying issue that requires a holistic multi-pronged strategy with a shared responsibility between the public, industry, and government. Governments can't parent and parents can't enforce the law. Parents alone cannot prevent Internet crimes against their children. Government must also do its part and enforce all the laws on the books, not just some of them" adds Mrs. Hughes.  

EIE will stand alongside and support President-Elect Trump as he fulfills his commitment to appoint an Attorney General, who will make the vigorous prosecution of the federal obscenity, child pornography, sexual predation, child trafficking laws and the Children's Internet Protection Act a top priority. The Pledge also includes provisions for the necessary resources and tools to prosecute such crimes, and calls for the establishment of public-private partnerships to step up voluntary efforts to reduce and prevent Internet crimes against children. Finally, the Pledge asks for consideration to appoint a Presidential Commission to examine the harmful public health impact of hard-core Internet pornography and the prevention of the sexual exploitation of children in the digital age.

Hughes concludes, "We applaud our next First Lady Melania Trump's commitment to make cyberbullying her cause while in the White House, and look forward to supporting Mrs. Trump's efforts to be an agent of change for Internet safety and responsibility.  With our new President and First Lady united in their commitment to prevent the Internet-enabled exploitation of our nation's youth, the tide will begin to turn so that children can enjoy both safe and rewarding digital experiences."

Donna Rice Hughes, Enough Is Enough®®'s CEO & President has been an Internet safety pioneer, author, and speaker since 1994. As a media commentator, she has given over 4500 interviews on Internet safety related issues. She is also the Emmy-award winning Producer and Emmy nominated Host of the EIE's Internet Safety 101SM TV series. She has testified numerous times before Congress, and has served as a COPA Commissioner and served on   other national and state government task forces. She won the 2013 Women In Technology Award for Social Impact and the 2014 Professional Women in Advocacy Excellence In Advocacy Award for "Veteran Practitioner". The Presidential Pledge and supporting documentation can be found at

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