Mike Kangior

Mike Kangior has worked at all three levels of government—federal, state, and local—during the past twenty-five years.  From 2007 to 2016, Mike worked for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Headquarters.  There, he was the Senior Director for Resilience Policy.  In that capacity, Mike was the top policy adviser on emergency preparedness and response, infrastructure protection, and technology issues.  Mike is currently a Division Director for a Federal Department.

Mike worked for a Senator from his home state of Nebraska during the 103rd and 104th Congresses—U.S. Senator Jim Exon.  Mike made significant contributions to Senator Exon’s bill known as the Communications Decency Act (CDA).  He worked closely on the provision making it illegal for adults to send indecent material to minors online as well as the provision criminalizing online child enticement (e.g., trafficking).  The CDA was the first bill signed into law to make certain activities illegal on the Internet.

Mike graduated cum laude from the Creighton University School of Law.  He also received a B.A. from Creighton University double-majoring in History and Philosophy.  Mike is a member of the District of Columbia Bar Association.