Strategic Philanthropy: Making a Greater Impact with Non-cash Gifts

More Giving Options

By giving appreciated assets such as business interests, real estate, and securities before the sale, you reduce taxes and send more to charity.

With non-cash giving to Enough is Enough through our Single Charity Fund at The National Christian Foundation, you can tap into the power of all your resources to save taxes and help Enough is Enough more than you ever dreamed possible.

You multiply your impact when you give appreciated assets. By donating non-cash assets first, you typically receive a tax deduction for the fair-market value of your gift. The capital gains taxes you save from giving the asset directly means more goes to support Enough is Enough.  

Assets you can give include:

  •  Appreciated securities– Stocks, bonds, mutual funds
  •  Business interests– Ownership in closely-held businesses
  •  Real estate– Land,houses, or other property
  •  Personal property– Royalties, copyrights, patents, or gold
  •  Other creative gifts– Loan notes, estate gifts, retirement plans

Looking for Increased Cash Flow? A charitable gift annuity offers attractive payout rates.

In today’s turbulent economy, the ability to make a charitable gift and increase cash flow at the same time is ideal for many givers. With a Charitable Gift Annuity (CGA) with Enough is Enough, you can accomplish this with attractive payout rates (5.4% for a single-person CGA, age 75. Request an illustration for rates that apply to your situation.)

A CGA is a “split-interest gift” in which the benefits are split between you as a giver and Name. Your gift is invested to provide payments to you (and your spouse, if desired) for the remaining years of your life. Then, the balance of the annuity benefits our ministry.

If you already know you want to make a charitable gift from your estate, a CGA is an alternative that will serve you well during life. You can make your gift now, receive a tax deduction, and still receive payments for life. If you wait until after your death to make the gift to charity through your estate, you are missing the beneficial income tax deduction that a CGA can provide.

Here’s a hypothetical example:

At 75 years old, Sam and Barbara were both retired and relied heavily on their fixed-income investments such as CDs, bonds, and money market funds for their income. But as interest rates plummeted along with the economy, they were troubled by the sudden drop in their income. Still, they wanted to continue to support several of their favorite ministries and even planned to provide for them through their estate. Then they learned about a CGA through Enough is Enough. Sam and Barbara started their CGA by funding it with a gift of $100,000. Based on their age and life expectancy, they qualified for a CGA with annual payments of 4.6%, or $4,600 each year. They received an immediate tax deduction for a portion of the funding amount. A significant portion of each payment was tax-free. Even better, money from the balance of the annuity went to Enough is Enough, to support our ministry.

For Sam and Barbara, their Charitable Gift Annuity proved to be a hidden opportunity in their giving plan that blessed them immediately and benefited the causes closest to their hearts for years to come.

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