Washington Examiner: Netflix's third-quarter miss may be due to backlash over sexually exploitative content

by Tim Winter & Donna Rice Hughes 

Netflix may not be the sure thing in streaming entertainment any longer, having missed its third-quarter subscription target.

What has received little attention, likely because Netflix wanted to sweep it under the rug, was a potential cause for its subscriber miss: The company faces a criminal indictment from a Texas grand jury for its sexually exploitative film, Cuties.

Netflix has faced significant international scrutiny over Cuties, with the company even removing it from its platform at the request of Turkey, and potentially thousands of subscription cancellations (#CancelNetflix) when the film was released. More than 30 members of Congress have now spoken out against Cuties, and many have called for congressional hearings or an investigation. Both of our organizations have called for Cuties’s removal from the platform and for a federal investigation to determine if sexual exploitation laws were broken.

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