Washington Times: Draining the cyber-swamp

The president and attorney general must make enforcement of obscenity and child pornography laws a priority

December 30, 2020 - Analysis/Opinion by Donna Rice Hughes

Imagine if all across America, the speed limit laws were not enforced, and traffic signals and stop signs were completely ignored because law enforcement had too many other priorities to bother with. Law-abiding citizens would be at risk of injury, significant harm or even death at the hands of those who broke the laws and law enforcement who failed to protect the safety of all.

Similarly, since the advent of the Internet in the early ‘90s, a perfect storm of toxic sexual content, activity and crime has exploded, leaving no one in its path immune from its destruction. While women, men, marriages and cultures have paid a steep price, those who have been most damaged are the most vulnerable and innocent among us, our children....

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