Read Donna's Entire Editorial Here as it appeared today in The Washington Times on newsstands and online. Excerpts below:
Dismantling Big Tech’s immunity from online child abuse material
Make the internet safer, one byte at a time

"While Feb. 8, 2022, is known globally as “Safer Internet Day,” every day, leaders, advocates, educators and parents should be focused on making the internet safer for children and families.

Online sexual exploitation has irreparable consequences for the most vulnerable in our communities, namely our children. Yet, for decades, children have had unprotected access to the digital world via a myriad of internet-enabled devices. In 2021, The New York Times reported that children’s screen time had doubled by May 2020, as compared with the same period in the year prior.

Unfortunately, no child is immune from online sexual exploitation. The digital world is the new playground for children and predators. After all, predators prey where children play. Vulnerable children are open prey for savvy predators, traffickers and pornographers with a sexual appetite for children.

Predators can hide behind electronic devices as they anonymously groom unsuspecting children, manipulating them into a sexual encounter, blackmailing them into silence and selling images and videos of their abuse, all facilitated by the multi-billion-dollar tech industry."

"It is estimated that online sexual exploitation and abuse of children increased by a staggering 422% over the past 15 years."

"There needs to be a dramatic paradigm shift regarding Big Tech’s response to child online sexual exploitation for the internet to be safer for children. They must become a more vital part of the solution, rather than a big part of the problem."

"This month, co-sponsors Sens. Republican Lindsey Graham and Democrat Richard Blumenthal and Reps. Democrat Sylvia Garcia and Republican Ann Wagner introduced the bipartisan EARN IT Act of 2022 (Eliminating Abusive and Rampant Neglect of Interactive Technologies Act) in both the Senate and the House respectfully. If enacted, EARN IT (S.3538) will remove blanket immunity for social media and technology companies that knowingly facilitate the distribution of CSAM on their platforms."

"Bottom line, Big Tech will finally be held responsible if they do nothing to keep children safe under EARN IT. It will need to “earn” immunity by demonstrating accountability and responsibility as set forth by this legislation." 

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