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Sexual Predation & Exploitation/Child Pornography

  • 92% of all child sexual abuse URLs we identified globally in 2016 were hosted in these five countries:  Netherlands, UNITED STATES, Canada, France & Russia. (U.S. was ranked 2nd).

  • 42% of sextortion victims met their abuser online Thorn. (2015) Child Pornography Statistics. Thorn. [Online] [Accessed 29th December 2015]
  • Internet Safety is now the 4th top ranked issue in the list of health concerns for U.S. children. C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital (2015) Sexting and internet safety climb top 10 list of health concerns for children across the U.S. National Poll on Children’s Health, University of Michigan [Online] [Accessed 29th December 2015]
  • The "4 every girl campaign" found that underage female characters on primetime television are more likely to be presented in sexual scenes than adult women (Parent's Television Council, 2013)
  • Pornography and stripping were two forms of exploitation most likely to be written into scripts as punchy lines (Parent's Television Council, 2013)
  • There are over 747,408 registered sex offenders in the United States, and over 100,000 are lost in the system (National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, 2012) 

Child Pornography

  • More than 30% of the searches conducted in eDonkey P2P network are related to child sexual abuse. Thorn. (2015) Child Pornography Statistics. Thorn. [Online] [Accessed 29th December 2015]
  • As of December 2012, NCMEC's child victim identification program has reviewed and analyzed more than 80 million child pornography images since it was created in 2002. (National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, 2012)
  • There has been a 774% increase in the number of child pornography images and videos reviewed through the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children’s Child Victim Identification Program (1.98 million images/videos) to 2011 (17.3 million images/videos). (NCMEC data illustrate the explosion. Child Victim Identification Program (CVIP), 2005- reviewed 1.98 million child pornography images and videos. 2008 – 8.6 million, a four-fold increase in three years. 2010 – 13.6 million, 2011 – 17.3 million.)